Communicates Itself as a Language

Every human being is born with a sense of rhythm and movement within. This can be outwardly expressed though the eyes, the face, the head, the fingers, the feet – through any part of the body that is able to move.

Expressive Movement can help us realise our own energy, rhythms and movement potential and understand and help us understand that the body has a language of its own.

Entertainingly Different sessions encourage and inspire using various stimuli and carefully planned exercises to allow the participants to understand the body’s ability to say almost anything with or without the aid of music.

Often there is greater truth in gesture and expression than in words.

Dance in Devon/Change for Life ‘Mini Movers’ Project

In 2011, Rob devised and delivered a “Mini Movers” project in partnership with Dance in Devon, NHS and Change 4 Life. The aim of the project was to get children in their early years more active.